Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Burning Questions

So in a little over three days I will land in Dubai, the first stop on my journey around the world. Now I thought I would address the burning questions that I keep getting asked on a daily basis.
Now I am a happy go lucky guy I'm looking forward to getting lost, not knowing what each day will bring and meeting endless amounts of new people.

I can't imagine doing much on day one in Dubai may be a little site seeing, Lauren's uncle lives there so I am sure he has plenty planned for us. So to the questions!!

1) Are you scared?

This is a tough one as I am not sure it is fear. I mean it is kinda scary knowing that every day I will be out of my comfort zone but this is the reason I am doing this. I am pretty sure I will survive I have done for 31 years, and I was a Manc living in Leeds for 5 of them. So no I'm not scared I'm nervous, I'm excited & looking forward to the fantastic new world I'm about to explore.

2) How will you get around?

Well, apart from the apparent (planes) I am looking forward to the different ways of getting from place to place, I am excited about the sleeper buses, the sleeper trains, the boats, tuk-tuks and above all walking. I am not so optimistic about planes with propellers though for some reason this scares you know what out of me.

3) Are you going to be OK for money? 

I did a lot of research into this as I did not want to keep changing money and certainly didn't want to be carrying two years worth of cash with me. I decided on the CaxtonFX card, out of all the prepaid travel card this is the ONLY ONE that DOES NOT charge you for using the card overseas even when withdrawing cash. It also converts the money for you and has an easy to use iPhone app to keep on top of your spend. I have also been given an STA Cash Card it was free and comes with £10 already installed on it but its run Tuxedo which in my opinion are not the best company, I will use this as a backup only to the CaxtonFX card. In regards to running out of money between Lauren and me, we have a fair bit of money to see us right. I am looking at spending as little as possible, though. For example, we are looking forward to eating street food we know this is the cheapest but often most excellent food available, we are both happy to stay in hostels, and I have researched that a lot of them will allow you to do a few hours work for them for a free nights stay. I think money will be the least of our worries as this is the area I have concentrated on the most.

4) What if you get into trouble?

I think this covers a broad range of situations, What if we get our stuff stolen, or lose our bags, or find ourselves in any danger. Well if anything gets stolen it will be a bit pants for a few days, but in the grander scheme of things we are not taking a lot of things and above all they are only things that can be replaced as long as Lauren, and I are safe that's all I care about. If we lose our bags again, they will only have clothes in so they can be replaced so not majorly worried about that. What if we get in trouble, now this one I have been over with lots of people, and it's simple I am not a natural target as I'm 6 foot and built pretty big. If anyone does fancy their chances, the solution is merely to give them what they want. Mine and Lauren's life is more valuable than any iPad, iPhone, MacBook, or money so they can have what they wish to providing we will not come to any harm. In essence, I'm not fussed about me at all my top priority is making sure Lauren is safe.

I have also found watching YouTube videos and talking to other travellers extremely useful. I highly recommend downloading the Backpackr app I have spoke with a lot of people on there and hope to meet up with a few of them when I set off on my travels. Also, check out Mark Wiens on YouTube I will post a link below to his YouTube and Twitter pages.


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