Monday, 15 February 2016

Holi Festival Of Colours

On the 23rd March, I will be overjoyed with the fact I will be part of the ancient Hindu festival of sharing love, more commonly known around the world as Holi Festival.
It is now celebrated around the globe and this year will be celebrated in 30 cities in 6 countries with an estimated  250,000 participants, I will be one of the lucky ones to celebrate the festival in India.

This festival is one of the main reasons I want to visit India, add to that the culture the history the food and the complete opposite way of life that I have grown up knowing means I am majorly excited knowing that in just ten days I WILL FINALLY BE THERE.

I have found a video on YouTube which you can not help but want to be part of such a traditional festival; I am just hoping that now it's more commonly celebrated throughout the world the traditions in India have remained the same and not become commercialised like virtually every national holiday or celebration in the UK.

If anyone else is lucky enough to be in India for the Holi Festival please please please get in touch it would be amazing to swap stories and attend the festival as a group.

Take care, Richard :)


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