Friday, 22 July 2016

How To Save Money While Travelling

I have previously blogged about Essential Apps For Travellers but this one is more about tips on how to find accommodation and get it cheaper than the price advertised. It can be daunting trying to save money while on the road so hopefully these hints and tips will help.
Now there is an age old saying in life "If you don't ask, you don't get" now I am a born salesman and no matter how much money I make in my life I am always looking for a bargain and I am always looking to not pay the price advertised. Even if I was not backpacking and was a multi millionaire I'd still be the same.

As you can see from the above picture I use many different formats to find accommodation. Let me say Couchsurfing is being saved for Australia and New Zealand as well as AirBnB. Now what I started doing was looking on Hostelworld or finding something and booking it through the app. It's pretty simple to do and a painless process.

It was not till I got to Vietnam and met Rianne that I changed the way I was doing things and I have saved so much money in the process I thought it be best to share with the backpacking world.

I still use the apps above to identity the best places to stay and work out a cost per night per room but instead of booking direct through the apps themselves I find the accommodations Facebook page or website and contact them directly. I have done this now for all of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and most of Vietnam and not had one issue yet and have always managed to get the room cheaper than advertised online.

Even if its just £1.50 a night per bed that's £3 saving in total and in South East Asia thats a meal or two each. Some places I have managed to get private rooms for half price or the same price as 2 bunkbeds in a dorm. All the hostels, hotels, home stays and guest houses have always been glad of my business as they know someone else will give a decent price so the money is better with them than with someone else. I also sell on the fact I have been recommended their accommodation by a few travellers they always love this as word of mouth is the best way to advertise with so much competition.

I would like to add make sure you get the agreed price in writing in some places I agreed a price but on check out the price had changed which resulted in some more negotiations but in the end I have always paid the price I have agreed upon arrival.

I usually tend to pay for my stay as well up on check out, some places ask for the full amount upfront but I always refuse as for me I never know if I am going to like the place so will either pay night by night or in full when I check out. Don't always be game to give a hostel or hotel the full amount before you have even been to the room. I have met people who have done that got to the room found bed bugs or the room was not as described and then found it hard to get their money back from the owner.

I find the negotiating easy as I said I am a born salesman and I've worked in sales my whole life. My advice would always be strong, don't lose your temper and NEVER HAND over any money until you're 100% happy with where you are staying.

Feel free to contact me for any recommendations regards to hotels and hostels I have stayed in some amazing ones and some that I would not let my dog stay in.

Thank you for reading

Richard :)

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