Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Little Relaxation In Dubai

Literally, where do I start? As it stands right now as I am writing this blog, we have travelled to 3 different countries in just 6 days!! Manchester to Dubai to India. Granted the 3 days in Dubai were relaxing by the pool, chilling on the beach and going for drinks with family but it has been super hectic.

Day one in Dubai was all about exploring our surroundings as in my previous blog Globe Trotters we were super surprised to be staying at the Ocean View Hotel. The hotel has a great friendly atmosphere, and the staff could literally not do enough for you. We had genuinely the biggest meal I've ever eaten on the first evening at The Cheesecake Factory. The portions are big enough for 2 maybe 3 people, I ordered a burrito as I am a sucker for Mexican food with a side order of fries and I kid you not we could have all shared the meal and been full, and there was 4 of us...

Day two and we headed to the beach. Now I had heard all the stories about Dubai being strict when it came to beach wear but was shocked to see everyone in shorts and bikinis I was gutted as I had left my bikini in the room thinking I'd get arrested if I wore it in public. I am far too pretty to go to prison. We had a great time travelling on the metro to spend the evening at the top of the Burj Khalifa the views are stunning but be advised if you hate waiting in line this place is not for you. Although I'd have waited days to experience the sights we were in line at 7pm got up there for about 8:15pm then didn't get back down until 9:30pm baring in mind the lift travels 125 floors in 60 seconds we spent a lot of time standing in line but like I said well well worth it. The remaining of the evening and well into the next morning was spent eating drinking and laughing the night away I believe it was around 4am when we got back to the hotel. We then spent a good hour FaceTiming as many people that would answer back in the UK the list was my mum, my sister, my uncle & gran, my cousin in America, Becki who is travelling around Australia, Lauren's mum & dad, I think that's it haha.

Day three started with a couple of hangovers and a top-notch breakfast. We headed to the beach this time the bikinis were coming with us, now I am not one for sand the stuff gets everywhere, I am also not a lover of the sea. I instantly hear the jaws music the minute the water goes past my knees but Lauren wanted to relax on the beach and what my princess wants she gets haha. I ventured into the water and actually enjoyed it. Now I am a people watcher although when on a beach its advised to have a decent pair of sunglasses to partake in this sport :) To help make the time even more enjoyable me and Lauren people watched and played a game we tried to guess if the people entering the water would just dive straight in or faff about because it was cold, I think you had to be there we are both a little bit geeky. Again the evening was spent eating, drinking and laughing our heads off something we seemed to do a hell of a lot over the 3 days in Dubai.

I am told Dubai has no soul as it is only 44 years old. For me, a place that can defy the laws or the world, by this I mean back in the day we were told buy land because it was the one thing we can't make any more of but the tremendous architectural minds of Dubai have crumpled that up and tossed it in the trash. For me Dubai is stunning and somewhere you do have to experience first had but I'd say anymore than 5 days would be enough as you tend to go on holiday to relax and at times it can feel like you're moving a million miles an hour.

We headed off to the airport on the morning of our fourth day to start the real journey of a backpacker around the world. I am writing this blog from my hostel in Delhi where we have spent the last 24 hours tomorrow we start a 12-day tour around India, so my next blog will be in about 15 days as we have a hell of a lot of travelling to do over the next 2 weeks.

So, for now, I am signing off as it is midnight here and our driver picks us up in 9 hours I also still have a beer to finish and the hostel owner has just nipped out for some more fags for us :) The staff here literally can't do enough for you.

Take care

Richard :)


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