Sunday, 21 February 2016

Globe Trotters

20th February 2016, We officially left the UK on our 2-year globetrotting session. It has been a hectic 10 months of planning, you name it we've researched it watched it on YouTube and asked a fellow traveller about it, but we were still doing last minute packing and believe it or not photoshop before we set off to the airport.
The day started bright and early with a full English breakfast at the local pub to Lauren's parent's house. It was a great way to start the day off. A lifetime seemed to pass before it was time to set off to the airport haha, we had treated ourselves to one last little bit of luxury by checking into the Escape Lounge at Manchester Airport, I mean £19,99 for all the beer you can drink YES PLEASE!!! The highlight was discovering the cheese and onion pies were FREE also haha.

Within no time we were boarding, time to actually say goodbye to our home for at least 2 years. The flight was as you would expect it was Emirates, so no expense was spared, even managed to watch the new Steve Jobs movie. I am still not sure what I thought of it, so I guess I didn't like it. We had a little bit of drama on the flight when Maureen who is 78 years young collapsed and fell while stretching her legs but I must say the Emirates staff were top draw as were the 2 passenger paramedics who were on board.

I don't think our emergency services get enough credit, both were off duty relaxing and going on holiday just like the rest of us but instantly sprung into action the moment they saw there was an issue. Thankfully Maureen was fine, and if I'm honest I think she did it just to get upgraded to First Class haha joking aside Maureen is with her friends and family today because of the quick reaction of 2 passengers so well done lads.

We touched down in Dubai at 07:41 21st February 2016 and will be here for 3 days now we were sprung a surprise from Lauren's uncle who lives here. We were expecting 3 great nights in Dubai abet a little uncomfortable on a blow-up mattress in Tony's apartment. But we drove to the OCEAN VIEW HOTEL right on the beach and have been treated to genuinely one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever been in (See Picture Below) for view from the balcony.


Tonight I believe we are off out for a few drinks and maybe some food, but for now, I am contemplated staying awake or having a nap. It's 13:07 now Dubai time which makes that 09:07 UK time so I have so far been awake for 24 hours.

Lauren is snoring her head off in the biggest bed I've ever seen wrapped in a complimentary dressing gown haha the girl could sleep standing up if she held still long enough.

I will sign off with the video selfie I took when we hit the beach this morning as blogging with no sleep for 24 hours seems a whole lot harder than it should do.



  1. So looking forward to following your travel blog. I've saved it to my homescreen. Good luck to you and Lauren on your travels. Hope you make the most of it. It's a life changing experience that I've probably missed out on now that I have two young kids :) @stuntm4n_mik3


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