Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Partner In Crime

I thought it would be best to introduce the blogging world to Lauren seen as though she will be with me for the two-year travel around the world. It's best you meet the nutter now :)
As you can see from the picture above (which she will hate) she is beautiful, she loves her food, and above all, she is just an all-around nutter just like me... We are two peas from the same pod.

I could not think of anyone better to travel the world with; we have been together for two years almost, practically lived with each other from day one and had more things in common than the Mitchell Brother (That's the bald blokes off Eastenders) for the none UK readers.

She is an AMAZINGLY talented and published Illustrator, but thankfully she remains grounded with her work and is always looking to better herself, she is 24 and will celebrate her 25th birthday somewhere in Asia no matter where it is she will have the time of her life I will make sure of that. With me being the tech guy obsessed with Apple and all things electrical and shiny, Lauren is going to illustrate her trip which I think is kinda epic.

As you can see from her illustration of me blogging last night, she is one talented girl. Although I did use to think it was a myth about how many times a girl packs and unpacks her back before going on holiday, haha and YES I'm 31 and not been on vacation with many girls although that all changed once I grew the beard :) before it, I looked like a worm...

Anyway, back to Lauren she was born in Kent in the big smoke although she is tough, not soft like the rest of them, she grew up in the little place up north called Standish. (It's the posh part of Wigan) Her Dad is a Geordie her Mum is a Scouser and were both in the Army all their lives. She has a younger brother Andrew who is at Uni in the big smoke; I like Andrew because we can talk football together although he is an Arsenal fan. She loves Animals she is a cross between Dr Dolittle and Ace Ventura when it comes to anything furry and has legs (Probably why she likes me)

Lauren is not only the Mrs, but she is also my best friend, and the fact I am going to travel the world with my best friends makes the whole journey that extra bit more special. We have just a few days left here in England before we head off and see the world.

Take Care
Richard :)


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