21st October 2016 :- Grammarly

I am going to be working with for the foreseeable future. Since using Grammarly it has drastically changed the way I write, for a complete amateur writer the help anf tips Grammarly provides makes writing so much easier and makes any piece of writing more professional.

"Grammarly is trusted by students, professional writers, business people, bloggers, and people who just want to write better. No matter what your writing situation is, Grammarly adapts to your needs, giving you the confidence of mistake-free writing every time you write."

17th October 2016 :- East Coast Tours

I am excited to announce a new relationship with East Coast Tours I recently used them for my campervan trip in Australia.

"East Coast Tours aims to make your visit to Australia the most memorable experience possible! Our Guides and Tour partners will ensure you find exactly what you are looking for"

Head over to their website via the links on my main page for exclusive offers and deals.

1st October 2016 :- Top 50 Travel Blogs

On October the 1st I entered into the Top 50 Travel Blogs for the 3rd quarter of 2016 I will keep everyone posted if I place. Fingers crossed

3rd August 2016 :- New Facebook Page

I have a new Facebook Page for my blog and round the world trip, please head over and give it a like. The Bearded Manc. I will be posting my work from both here and Mantality Magazine as well as a few pics and giveaways.

1st August 2016 :- Mantality Magazine

I am pleased to announce my first ever magazine post is live as of today. Please head over to Mantality Magazine to check it out.

30th July 2016 :-MacKeeper & ExpressVPN

Thanks to Mackeeper & ExpressVPN for the software for me to use and review. If any other companies would like me to review their products please contact me via the Contact section of this blog.

23rd July 2016 :-Bloglovin Account

I have created a Bloglovin account feel free to check this out, like and subscribe. Also if you have a blog then please send me a link as I'd love to check it out.

22nd July 2016 :-New Website

I have purchased the domain names and I will be working on building a website in the very near future. I will be enlisting the help of Ken Adkins someone who I consider to be a great friend although we only met a few months ago we just clicked. I will update accordingly once the website is up and running.

19th July 2016 :-Mantality Magazine

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have been asked to join Mantality Magazine. I will be posting regular travel content and looking to venture into other areas as well.

"Mantality is an online magazine for millennial men. Those who want to get the most from life and hear from those who have been there, done it and disclosed their secrets. For a man who wants authenticity and experience, with the latest trends at their disposal."

This is a very exciting time for me and I am really looking forward to sinking my teeth into this new venture.

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