Thursday, 20 October 2016

Gili Trawangan

I had heard all about Gili T, and I had heard people raving about the place how amazing it was there, how they never wanted to leave. "It's like paradise" well for me three days was more than enough and I just couldn't see what the fuss was all about.
We got lucky when we decided to visit Gili T as our hotel had a small tour operator across from it and I had unintentionally befriended the bloke that worked there as he spent most evenings chilling out in out hotel. When I mentioned where and when we wanted to go he sprung into action at 23:30 opened his little office and sorted out a taxi driver for the very next day, open return boat tickets and return taxi to the hotel all for 400,000 per person about £20. Now considering the lowest open return tickets we had seen for Gili T were 650,000 per person which did not include taxi service I think we got a bit of a bargain. 

We were up early the next morning for our taxi to the boat and a couple of hours later we were stood on the beach of Gili Trawangan, where you were instantly bombarded with people trying to offer you accommodation for stupidly high prices. Like always we walked away from the hustle and bustle found a little place to grab some food and a drink and had a little search for decent priced accommodation. We found a little place not too far from us Alfia Gili Kita, for three people it was only 300,000 a night with AC. We finished our food and drink (the food, by the way, was possibly the worst I'd had in South East Asia) then headed on the short walk to our accommodation to set down our bags. As we were too sure how long Boon (our mate) had with us, we decided the sunset and swings on the far side of the island would be a decent first day's accomplishment. Instead of walking through the streets we thought a walk on the beach would be more scenic. Scenic it was but mighty painful, every inch of the beach was covered in shells or coral certainly not the paradise like white sand beaches I'd been hearing all about.

We stumbled across several beach bars but decided to settle in one that was less crowded; we had our own little private hut on the beach with table service that was incredible. I am pretty sure I have mentioned several times in my blogs I have a deep hatred for sand, I am not a beach lover, but you have to keep the Mrs happy haven't you. When the sun started going down, we headed off to the swings for the regular photo opportunity. I tell you now it is not easy getting on the thing at all you can forget about being graceful right away. 

We found a fantastic place to eat that evening and went back for every meal for the duration of our stay on the island. Juku Marlin, honestly I had the best meal of my life EVER!! I had it three times in 24 hours it was that good. Best Meal I Have Ever Had 

The next day our mate Boon headed back to the main Island as she had prior engagements for the Friday, I and Lauren stayed for another day, and we spent it on the beach and walking around the island. Like I said unless you're there for the party life or to spend thousands on a resort then Gili T doesn't have much to offer you. I can't put my finger on it but I wasn't impressed with Bali or Gili T, even if I had spent thousands on a resort I still wouldn't have been impressed, I honestly think Anjuna equates to Paradise in my opinion.

After two days and three nights we headed back to the main island, completely underwhelmed by Gili T. I mean its alright and I could be giving the place a hard time, but it just wasn't for me. I am sure many people love it, I am glad I have been, but I won't be rushing back there anytime soon.

A few days after we returned one of the boats carrying some tourists blew up killing two people and injuring 19, I am not surprised by this as the boats have no safety measures on them at all and don't look well maintained. It is a tragedy that could have been easily avoided. It also opens your eyes that while you're on the road you're exposed to events that are out of your control, and you risk your life almost every single day. My thoughts go out to the victims family and friends, and a note to anyone on the road or thinking of heading out BE SAFE.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the shortage of posts but driving round Oz meant I only had WiFi for short periods of time and since being in Fiji the WiFi has not been the best.

I have still to hear about the 50 Top Travel Blogs of 2016 so will let everyone know the results as soon as possible. 

Take care

Richard :)



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