Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Must Have Apps For All Travellers

(Picture by Richard Huckvale)
Right folks this one is for all you soon to be and current travellers, These apps I am about to Blog about could literally save your life and believe it or not many travellers don't know about them.

This one should be number one in anyone's mobile device not just backpackers or travellers, It's a maps app which works OFF LINE yes you do not require any sort of WiFi or mobile data for this app to work. You simply download the map of the place you are going and off you go. Now you do require WiFi to download the actual map but from there you are completely off line. It has built in turn by turn voice navigation, It will calculate the fastest route for driving and walking. Now this app has helped me out massively so far and I have only been away for 6 weeks. Every backpacker I meet i ask if they have it and if not tell them to download in fact I should be on commission. I have got lost so many times already and this app gets me right back where I wanted or needed to be. It has helped local drivers find where I want to go because I use the turn by turn navigation as soon as we set off. I can not stress enough how amazing and import this app is.

Another app that works off line, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It converts any currency you want instantly and the best part about this app is you can have up to 10 currencies live at anytime so you can see exactly how much something is where ever you are in the world. This will work wonders for me as I am travelling for 2 years. I have all the countries currencies loaded up with British Pounds there too so I know just how much the bottle of beer is costing me compared to back home haha.

This is the only app I have used to book accommodation while I have been travelling simply because it has worked out the cheapest for bookings. For a time I had them all AirBnB, Bookings.com, Late Rooms, Trivago, Make My Travel, Couch Surfer. You name it I had it on my phone but time after time I found the best most reliable and cheapest options on Hostel World. Now I am not saying dismiss the others but for me this one has been the best so its well worth having on your travels.

Now if you have been following my Blog you will know this app has been given the full rundown by myself already. It has been fantastic for meeting fellow travellers, getting and giving advice and hearing other peoples stories about old and new adventures. If you're going globe trotting this app is a must have. Check out my other Blog for info on just how good this app has been for me.

Above are the 4 apps I would highly recommend fellow traveller to have as you will use them literally everyday for one reason or another. I am getting no sort of commission from any of these app companies I just feel any help I can give people while on the road can only be a good thing. If anyone has any other apps they use please please please message me on any of my social media pages and let me know about them.

Take care folks

Richard :)


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