Friday, 4 March 2016

Did Someone Say Camel Safari

(Picture by Richard Huckvale)
Before me and Lauren left the UK to start our trip, someone told me on Facebook I am not sure who it was now but they told me to DO EVERYTHING. So when we had the opportunity to go on a days camel safari we jumped at the chance.

Our day began brightly it was stupidly hot even at 10am in the morning and we were heading for the desert, we arrived at the site where the camels were all tied up and we set about getting the items we had requested together from a young local lad who swore he was 25 but I kid you not he was not a day over 12 and he was going to be one of the lads taking us into the desert.

Now comes the fun part being given your camel for the day! Now let me set the scene a little IT WAS BOILING!!! there was about 8 camels in total and 4 people so in my mind we would get a camel each maybe have a test drive round the farm to get you accustom to the animal then on your way, I was wrong only 2 camels were picked so we were clearly sharing.

Now out of the 8 camels in the farm I KNEW STRAIGHT OFF THE BAT which one I would end up with. Now as you know camels are not the most intelligent looking of animals they look clumsy and a little bit gormless sat chewing their face off like the girls off Geordie shore without any make up on. Now also let me say that in every group no matter what the species there is always a retard, that one in the group that if you stuck a baseball cap on them and took them to Disney Land people would think they were from make a wish foundation. 

In school me, Eddie, James, Umar & Liam were always knocking about being stupid and doing stuff that young immature lads do but we had our retard James… (he will go nuts when her reads this) The Lion King the three Hyenas there was one retard… One Direction the lad that decided he wanted to be a normal 21 year old and not one that's a millionaire travelling the world with his mates and having a right laugh he was the retard,

Then there is Ramu the camel from Pushkar he was the one in the corner lay down shitting on himself and head butting the floor. He was my camel for the day and to top it off he was going to be the safari leader, they were actually giving the retard some responsibility. He would go right when we wanted to go left, he would not sit down but when he did he would not get back up again, he would literally stop and try to eat anything that was shiny and try and eat it 3 or 4 times before realising it was not GRASS the green none shiny items on the ground right next to the stuff you’re trying to eat, he’d try and pick a fight with any other camel he set eyes on and spent the entire trip kicking and head butting himself

Now Lauren’s camel Raj was the complete opposite, calm, well mannered, went the way you wanted him to go, said good morning to fellow camels and politely went on his way sadly Raj spent the entire safari behind Ramu who spent the journey farting in Raj’s face.

So onto the actual safari its self, we spent a few hours in the morning trekking and getting used to our animals, we then headed back to the hotel around 1pm as it was far far too hot to be in the desert at that time, we chilled out by the pool had a nap then headed back to start our afternoon trek, We reached out destination around 5:30pm just in time to get comfy have a beer and watch the sunset, it truly was amazing, but the most amazing part for us both was how clear the night sky was once the sun had fully set, now we are both from the city so with artificial lighting and pollution you very rarely get to see the night sky in all its glory, but to sit in the desert in pitch black darkness and look up to the sky and see Orion's Belt as clearly as if you were looking at it on a computer screen was totally mesmerising. It is certainly something I will never forget and hope to see again one day.

Our night continued with a local gypsy family coming to entertain us with singing, dancing and fire breathing, it was all very Aladdin like ha ha, Lauren even got up and shook her booty with the locals ha ha, We had a few more beers and some food then realised it was gone 9pm it was literally pitch black you could not see your hand in front of your face, we turned to each other a little bit tipsy at this point and suddenly realised we were going to have to ride the camels back in the dark and pissed. Now in case you forgot let me remind you about Ramu the retard camel, he’d spent the whole night stood in the corner kicking and head butting himself, so the prospect of getting on him pissed and navigating our way through he desert with no form of lighting was not ideal, but I tell you this the 2 hour trek back was fantastic the night sky just kept getting better and better, we were well and truly out of our comfort zones which is exactly why we wanted to travel the world in the first place and Ramu couldn’t see anything shiny to attempt to eat so it was a win win situation ha ha

We raced the camels some of the journey back, we laughed, and enjoyed being right out of our comfort zone and we took in the beautiful surroundings of Pushkar a place if I am honest had not really heard of before I came to India but somewhere I will never forget and for sure somewhere I will visit again. The fact we are making memories that one day we can tell out kids about if we ever have any, if not we can just be the 2 crazy old folk sat on park bench telling anyone that will listen about the time we went travelling is what this is all about, and knowing you are making these memories with someone you love unconditionally makes them a whole lot better. I could not and would not want to do this with anyone but Lauren we have been together a while now but everyday we are doing something new we are laughing and joking and sometimes it feels like we have only just met, so I can fall in love with her all over again.

My mum tagged me in a Facebook status from 2011 a few days ago where i’d commented that I wanted to change my life and it may have taken 5 years and it may have been one hell of a struggle but I did it, I changed my life and you know what? IT’S ONLY GOING TO GET BETTER.

Take Care

Richard :)

P.S. I have never in my life had another man ask me how my balls are while he sits directly behind me on a camel that alone was an experience I will never forget :)

P.P.S. Lauren lost her sunglasses while we were racing the camels, so yesterday I treated her to a new pair of Ray Bans… that's right 300 rupees don’t tell me I don’t know how to treat my girl :)

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